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STKA9504 韓國 Kovea 邊爐轉換器 Camping Gas Adaptor

STKA9504 韓國 Kovea 邊爐轉換器 Camping Gas Adaptor




STKA9504 韓國 Kovea 邊爐轉換器 Adaptor

STKA9504 韓國 Kovea 邊爐轉換器 Camping Gas Adaptor


重量:約 47 g
尺寸:4 × 3 cm



-Please check the leakage with sound and smell from the connection parts.
-Don't shake the gas canisters to avoid red flame from the burner head.
-Use only outdoors or in well ventilated areas. Do not use indoors or in enclosed areas, such as inside cars and tents.
-Do not use near heat or open flame.
-Do not touch stove during or immediately after operation.
-Do not store with butane canister connected to stove.
-Keep children stays away form the appliance. Keep out of reach of children. Do not allow children to approach or touch when cooking.
-Keep hose and gas canister away as far as you can.
-Don't twist or bend hose to avoid gas leakage which can cause burning accidents.

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