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GFLIGHTLOCKER Osprey FlightLocker 黑色




Size cu. in. liter lbs/oz kg.
One Size 1587 26 1/9 .70

Dimensions are shown as length (height) x width x depth
In: 19 x 14 x 10
Cm: 48 x 35 x 25
Included with the Contrail 22”/46L and 28”/75L, but also sold separately, the FlightLocker™ offers a simple, all-in-one packing solution.  It speeds packing/unpacking and keeps clothes neat along the journey.  The two front pockets are perfect for socks and underwear.  The back pocket is large enough for shoes or t-shirts.  Sandwiched between the pockets is a folder for keeping shirts and pants looking good.  As a bonus, the FlightLocker™ easily slips onto a clothes hanger allowing it to be used for storage at the destination.

※ 如客人有個別指定顏色選擇,請先聯絡我們查詢貨存情況 ※

※  此貨品不設退換。只限店鋪自取,或運費到付 ※


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