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EMTIAPF 美國 MTI APF 成人專業浮水衣 助浮衣 Flotation Aid

EMTIAPF 美國 MTI APF 成人專業浮水衣 助浮衣 Flotation Aid







APF means ALL PERSON FIT, and its universal sizing easily adjusts from a slim 30" chest to a super-size 56" chest with no sacrifice in comfort!

Adjustable neoprene shoulders,

cool open sides,

reflective tape, and hideaway strap pockets.

Adjustable front buckle straps can be loosened for quick ventilation. A favorite primary vest or one to share with the whole family at the summer cottage. A best buy for groups, outfitters, and camps.


美國 MTI APF 浮水衣

-適合體重大於90磅 (41公斤),胸圍 30-56 吋 (76-142cm)人仕使用

-厚肩帶, 特別有承托力

-厚身尼龍面料, 肩膀反光物料, 增加耐用性及安全性


 COLORS: 紅灰色 / 黃灰色

Flotation Aid

Type III PFD (Personal Flotation Device)

U.S. Coast Guard Approval Number 160.064/4404/0



※ 注意!非救生設備不能防止溺水僅供在適當監護下使用。 ※

※ WARNINGS! Not life saving equipment. No protection against drowning. Use only under competent supervision. ※

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